Step 1

Choose a time that is convenient for your business, allow up to 60 minutes of photo shoot. I will take both panoramic photos as well as POI photos. The number of panoramic photos will depends on the size and layout of the establishment.

Showcase Tour $350

up to 5 steps
Showcase your front door and take a peek inside

Small Tour $500

up to 10 steps
To let customers explorer more inside

Medium Tour $700

up to 20 steps
Great for restaurants, pubs, galleries, and retail stores *

Large Tour $900

Up to 30 steps
Great for larger stores that want to cover everything *

Step 2

The 360 degree panoramic and POI photos will be published on Google Maps, Google+ Local and other Google related products within 2 to 3 business days after the shoot. You can also embed the virtual tour on your website or social media sites.

Step 3

All original photos will be handed over either physically (using DVD) or digitally (using dropbox or Google drive), based on your preference. Custom code used to embed virtual tour on other website will be provided upon request.

*price may change based on the layout of the establishment, listed price is based on a “regular” layout such as the sample tour “WE. Coffee” and “Ian Tan Gallery”.  For more information please contact me using the form below.

*for tour with more than 30 steps, please contact me for detailed pricing

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